Elektromotive Hungaria Ltd. has been working for the establishment of e-mobility in Hungary for nearly a decade. We believe that creating domestic e-mobility environment is only possible with the right quantity and quality of electric chargers.

We are leader in the sale and installation of electric car chargers as well as in the expansion of the charging infrastructure in the country. Hundreds of devices in the country are settled by our company and supervised by us. We are committed to the building of a green future where customers, manufacturers, distributors and regulators are working together for a sustainable world.

Our company offers such charging options which guarantee long life economical operation, even with integrated solar cells, energy storage batteries or with smart functions. We are operating our projects from demand to planning to the fulfilment of construction, and we offer full maintenance of both the equipment and the software, as well as follow-up with new technologies.

Our references include: Mol, NKM, MVM, KEF, Hungarian National Organization For Rescue Services, Alte-go, Toyota, Nissan, BMW.

Our team


Péter Tarnóy
Owner - founder
János Mátyásfalvi
Directing manager
Ágnes Gyulai
Strategy Director
Zoltán Simon
Engineering Director

Our other colleagues

Kornél Ács
Charger device technician
Hajnalka Ádám
Office manager
Sándor Csider
Szabolcs Lövei
Zoltán Maráczi
Engineering and project manager
György Szabó
Engineering and project manager