From small capacity house hold chargers (3,7 kw) to the largest performance bus charger devices (360 kW) we offer from a wide variety of products to our customers.

Some of our suppliers are one of the most renowned manufacturers of the world. We are acquainted with technical data, installation processes, operations and the data transferred by our products. We give advice on the usage of our products considering the possible place of settlement and the frequency of use.

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Projekt előkészítés és tanácsadás/Preparation of a projects and advices

Preparation of a projects and advices

The demand of charging can enable several solutions so the aim is to realize the most economical option.

It is important to take into account the bait of the vehicle, the available energy in the area, the smart functions and the possibility of self-produced electricity. We gladly measure the needs of a possible electric charger installation.

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Flottatöltési rendszerek/Fleet packages

Fleet packages

When it comes to the operation of fleets the most important aspect is the determination of the available capacity.

In case of simultaneous charging it is a necessary step. The optional device is chosen by our technicians considering the type of the vehicle and the efficiency of the network.

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Komplex megújuló elektromobilitás rendszerek kiépítése/Creating complex renewable energy systems

Creating complex renewable energy systems

Due to the increasing energy costs complex energy systems becoming more and more crucial in these days where electric car chargers, photovoltaic devices and storage batteries works organically.

This method enables a collective operation or a solution for balancing the bottom and peak periods efficiently.

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Szerviz és műszaki üzemeltetés/Repair service and technical support

Repair service and technical support

Regular upkeep is essential for maintaining a safe and long-run operation of our devices.

Due to regular electricity load, bonds, connectors and guard devices should have regular maintenance.

Guarantee is based on the premise that the product is regularly checked. Beyond guarantee our company has all the necessary inventory that can help our customers for a stable usage.

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Elektromobilitás szolgáltatás és töltőpont szolgáltatás/E-mobility service and charging point service

E-mobility service and charging point service

We are managing our chargers and data according to the operative laws and regulations.

We have accountability to specific authorities about energy consumption and other supplying of data. We are pleased to inform our partners who are planning to take part in the operation of public charger points about terms of operation and the upcoming costs of investment.

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