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What smart functions can a charger have?

The biggest problem usually is the lack of capacity at the certain place. Electric cars can put on huge amount of energy which can cause a lot of strain to the system. With smart functions we can manage the amount of electricity provided for charging and for the main functions so that only the surplus energy will be used for charging activity. This method allows an uninterrupted operation.

What kind of aspects should we consider when choosing the right charging device?

The necessary performance is calculated from the chosen car’s power consumption. The question of AC or DC devices depends on the desired charging time and the investment costs. When it comes to instalment it is worth considering extracting and processing the data. Most devices are able to send and indicate charging data. The chargers can communicate with each other too, which enables controlling the forthcoming capacity.

What kind of charging devices are suggested for bigger car fleets?

We suggest solid, linked, communicating AC devices for this purpose. When choosing the suitable device it is useful to take into account the cars time out, the demand for rapid charging and the available capacity.

What are the benefits and possible disadvantages of AC and DC charging?

While AC charging is a slow process it is also safe and humane for the battery. Producers usually settle the right ratio of AC and DC charging. Users should follow a simple rule: the more we use decent, slow charging method, the more chance to have a long-life battery. However the occasional DC rapid charging will not cause harm to the battery, but it is suggested to use it when it is inevitable.

What is performance management?

Using huge performance devices or smaller capacity devices simultaneously can be tough for the electricity system. To avoid errors charging devices should be controlled. Chargers should use a certain amount of energy which cannot effect the unclouded operation of the system.

What does V2G mean?

This innovative technology gives car owners a fair show to recharge the surplus energy from electric cars to the main system by using charging devices. (Vehicle to grid) This technology is useful when we have to generate united energy sources or when there is additional demand for energy. Hungary’s law environment does not enable this method.

What does V2H mean?

Vehicle to Home systems makes a link between the vehicle and the productive homes which helps to store the excess energy in the vehicles and owners do not have to recharge the energy to the system. The stored electricity later can be consumed.

What are the main benefits of complex energy systems?

If our purpose is to produce, consume and store energy in the same site, the continuous back and forth buffering makes an optimal consumption. In some cases it is possible to be independent from the supplier or reduce the costs of electricity. With such storage and producer devices our electricity bills will be zero.

Why is it important to plan ahead the electricity output?

For a safe operation there should be previous planning. Charging devices are high performance machines which can completely change the electricity consumption. With precise engineering plans we could avoid overconsumption and we could optimize the system usage fees.

What is the purpose of battery storage?

Battery storages store electricity which could be used later. With these conscious energy management steps we will economise our consumption and our investment will return as we planned previously.

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