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Beszállító partnereinket gondos kiválasztás alapján határozzuk meg. Szempontjaink között szerepel a termék minősége, a szállítási határidő és a háttérszolgáltatások biztosítása. Előnyben részesítjük azon szállítókat, akikkel hosszú távú együttműködést tudunk megvalósítani. Számunkra érték a stabil és megbízható kapcsolat. Így a mi ügyfeleink is felelősségteljes és hosszú távú szolgáltatásra számíthatnak.

As exclusive representative of the French company DBT-CEV in Hungary, we are distributing, installing and operating the world’s leading charger brand, including the Nissan developed rapid charger, which is currently presented in several Nissan car stores.

Since the early 1990s DBT-CEV has been participating in extensive e-mobility projects as supplier of the largest electric car charging networks, among others in Paris, London, Amsterdam and Chicago. It is Europe’s leading manufacturer with 65% of the total installed chargers, which means more than 25,000 AC fast chargers and 2,000 DC rapid chargers. The company is present in 35 countries such as France, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia and Romania. The French company has supplied its rapid chargers to 6 of the 9 existing TEN-T projects.

Since their beginnings in 1997, the Spanish manufacturer believe that innovation, internationalization, quality, and close contact with their clients is the most effective way to offer the best products and service at the best price. Elektromotive sells both Circontrol’s home and public charging devices.

The brand name represents their products truthfully. Wallbox produces home charging devices with smart charging systems that combine cutting-edge technology with outstanding design, managing the communication between car and charger.

One of the world’s leading manufacturer rightly deserved its popularity thanks to its innovative solutions. We are in contact with the Hungarian vendor and we are pleased to carry out new projects with ABB products.

The Polish producer has gained recognition over the years due to their innovative technology and development. The range of their products and their market is getting bigger every year.

Part of the Alteo group the company is a pioneer in the energy and e-mobility market. Alte-go is committed to develop e-mobility and they have chosen us to help their mission.


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