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Our company has demonstrated its expertness through several projects from the smallest to largest. Over the years we have managed 150 kW bus charger operations, furthermore hundreds of home charger installations. We have designed complex united energy systems for e-car parks with solar panels. For every task we suggest the optimal solution. For professional advice contact us!

About us

About us

Elektromotive Hungaria Ltd. has been working for the establishment of e-mobility in Hungary for nearly a decade. We believe that creating domestic e-mobility environment is only possible with the right quantity and quality of electric chargers.

We are leader in the sale and installation of electric car chargers as well as in the expansion of the charging infrastructure in the country. Hundreds of devices in the country are settled by our company and supervised by us. We are committed to the building of a green future where customers, manufacturers, distributors and regulators are working together for a sustainable world.

Our company offers such charging options which guarantee long life economical operation, even with integrated solar cells, energy storage batteries or with smart functions. We are operating our projects from demand to planning to the fulfilment of construction, and we offer full maintenance of both the equipment and the software, as well as follow-up with new technologies.

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Our products and solutions

Az elektromos töltés legnagyobb része otthon, illetve a munkahelyeken történik. A korszerű elektromos autók alkalmasak a nagyobb távú utazásokra is, azonban jellemzően ezekben az esetekben már tölteni kell azokat. A gyorstöltő hálózatok minősége és sűrűsége alapvetően meghatározza az elektromos autózás minőségét és fejlődési lehetőségeit.

Like everywhere else the electric car market is expanding every year in our country too. By the beginning of 2022 there will be over 40 thousand electric cars on the Hungarian roads. Electric car owners would like to have the same benefits as regular internal-combustion engine cars have: charging devices in the right amount and which allow fast, easy charging option.


The most significant amount of energy is charged in the households and in the workplaces. However in line with that there is an increasing amount in demand for rapid public chargers. Considering the changing charging habits and the “time is money” approach it is crucial to find the right type of charring device. In the upcoming years electric car will be more than just a vehicle, rather it will be energy storage and Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

Elektromotive Hungaria Ltd. is working to satisfy all customer’s needs with our devices. Our company is vendor of the following brands: ABB, DBT, ABL, InfyPower, Enelion, Mennekes, Siemens, Wallbox, Circontrol.


With our 10 years of experience, work and expertness we are able to give responsible and grounded recommendations to our customers.

The applied manners are catered with followed-up technologies over time. Our specialist take part in updated trainings and we develop our facilities regularly.

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